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Jewcy’s ‘Notakkah’ Party!

Today on Jewcy: Mark your calendars for December 28th for a movie, gifts, and more!

Gabriela Geselowitz
December 07, 2017

It may be hard to think of a time post-Chanukah, but it’s sooner than you think. And in that week between Christmas and New Years, when you’ve run out of excuses to get out of the house, we present you with one more: Jewcy’s end-of-year, Notakkah party!

We will be celebrating by watching the greatest Chanukah film of all time— The Hebrew Hammer. Conspiracies! Romance! Evil Santa! How does the 2003 film hold up? Well, we may be getting a sequel soon, so now’s the time to re-watch and decide for yourself!

The shindig is Thursday, December 28th at Halyards Bar (406 3rd Avenue) in Brooklyn.

Gabriela Geselowitz is a writer and the former editor of