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Lambert Outs Himself As Jewish

And—who knew?—gay, too

Allison Hoffman
June 10, 2009
Adam Lambert.(Getty Images)
Adam Lambert.(Getty Images)

So, yes, Adam Lambert is gay. The American Idol runner-up confirms what everyone in the country pretty much already knew in the new Rolling Stone, which hit newsstands yesterday. Here’s something you maybe didn’t know: He’s Jewish, too. He talked to Rolling Stone’s Vanessa Grigoriadis about forgoing a bar mitzvah, and generally hating Hebrew school as a kid in San Diego, because he got a bloody nose on the first day. Of course, Lambert didn’t wear his Jewishness on his sleeve in his rivalry with Kris Allen, an evangelical Christian—and so, as the L.A. Jewish Journal helpfully pointed out last week, so no one can blame anti-Semitism for costing him the Idol crown.

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