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Matchmaking Service: Jews Like Other Jews

Website says Jews more likely to date Jews than other religions

Brigit Katz
November 26, 2014
The celebration of marriage.( Shutterstock)
The celebration of marriage.( Shutterstock)

Jewish moms of the world, rejoice!

A new study by Dating Ring, an online matchmaking service, has found that its Jewish members are 25% more likely to date other Jews than they are to date singles of different religious backgrounds. The study also found that Jewish singles are 25% more likely to match than two members of other religions, or two members of different religions.

Dating Ring’s findings are based on a survey of 2,000 matches, which were arranged by the organization’s matchmakers. Dating Ring users—who are for the most part in their 20s and 30s—are able to select the religion with which they identify, and to request to be matched with a person who identifies with the same religion. According to Lauren Kay, CEO of Dating Ring, many Jewish singles specifically asked to be set up with other Jews. But even when they did not make such a request, Jewish members were more inclined to agree to a match if the other person was Jewish.

“I thought it was really interesting,” Kay says. “Most of our members are not very religious, so I wanted to find out why it’s important for our Jewish members to date other Jews.”

Dating Ring asked its users to explain why they were hoping to find the Nice Jewish Boy/Girl of their dreams, and found that many Jewish members were looking to establish long-term relationships with someone who shares their cultural background.

“They’re thinking, ‘I might not be religious, but I really don’t want to have a Christmas tree,’” Kay explains. “A lot of people think of millennials as a generation that isn’t focused on marriage, but the people who talked to us were specifically being very picky about the next person they date because they are very seriously considering marriage.”

Get your hora shoes on, everybody.

Brigit Katz is an editorial intern at Tablet.