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Morsi to Face Trial; ‘Knockout’ Suspect Arrested

Plus what a war on Christmas would actually look like, and more in the news

Stephanie Butnick
December 18, 2013
Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.(Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.(Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

• Ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, along with 35 Muslim Brotherhood members, will stand trial on a number of charges, one of which is spying for Hamas. [CNN]

• A 20-year-old man from Long Island was arrested for seven ‘knockout’ assaults, some dating back to April and some targeting victims over 65. [JTA]

• More on that 92Y showdown and Commentary editor John Podhoretz’s abrupt departure from the panel, this time from the Times. [NYT]

• Art Spiegelman doesn’t need thousand-dollar sneakers, and other gems from this Vice Q&A. [Vice]

• What would a War on Christmas (i.e. North Pole invasion) actually look like? Not good, at least not for us. [Mother Jones]

• Jewish singer Jenny Lewis joined heavy metal band Megadeth for some light Christmas caroling on Jimmy Kimmel Live. [Jewcy]

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