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Neo-Nazi Website Tells Readers to ‘Take Action’ Against Jews, Including Children, on Behalf of Richard Spencer’s Mother in Montana

Phone numbers, emails, and addresses have been posted

Jonathan Zalman
December 19, 2016

Critics of Richard Spencer—the white supremacist, alt-right leader who dreams of an “ethno-state“—are making their voices heard in Whitefish, Montana, where Richard Spencer and his mother, Sherry, take up residence. Sherry Spencer, a local business owner, told an ABC affiliate recently that the backlash towards her son, has forced her to consider selling her mountain resort property, which she sublets. Leading the anti-hate charge in Whitefish is an organization called Love Lives Here, which has been raising awareness towards Spencer since 2014, and other members of the small Jewish community there. This led a hateful, neo-Nazi website to encourage its readers to “TAKE ACTION” against the Jews, an “viscous, evil race of hate-filled psychopaths.” (I’m linking to the article here only because it appears to have been taken down, but a cached version exists; fair warning: it’s disgusting.)

The phrase “take action” is sick, undeniably targeted language and speaks volumes about the people who support Spencer’s ideas, many of whom use the Internet as a veil and apparently incite violence against groups of people unlike them. Here, namely Jews.

Spencer, it should be noted, is eyeing a run at Congress.

Jonathan Zalman is a writer and teacher based in Brooklyn.