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Passover In Drag

A Tumblr page combines Pesach with RuPaul’s ‘Drag Race,’ and it’s the Internet at its best. Introducing ‘The Ruggadah’.

Jordana Narin
April 25, 2016

RuPaul—actor, drag queen, author, model, and recording artist—can now add another gig to his entertainment repertoire: Passover legend.

On a Tumblr called “RuPaul’s Passover: The Ruggadah,” RuPaul and the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race tell the story of Passover and everything that comes with it (the 10 plagues! the macaroons! the Manischewitz! the bitter herbs! the pyramids!).

Using gifs that are plastered with slightly abridged, slightly amended text from the haggadah (think: “Break the middle matzah and hide it somewhere no one will look #PurseFirst”), the Ruggadah, which was first spotted by BuzzFeed in 2013, is the holiday Tumblr to end all holiday Tumblrs.

Not since the Rugrats’ Passover special have pop culture and Judaism fused so seamlessly—and humorously, too. A haggadah starring drag queens and memes? I’ll raise my four cups of Manischewitz to that any day.

Jordana Narin is an intern at Tablet