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Recipes For Sunday’s ‘Downton Abbey’ Premiere

This week in Jewcy, our partner site

The Editors
January 04, 2013

Each Friday we bring you a look at what’s going on over at, our partner site. This week, the Not Your Bubbe’s Recipe series gets ready for Sunday night’s Downton Abbey Season 3 premiere with three easy recipes for a proper viewing party:

As with any fine meal, this one should start with soup. Creamed soups were very popular during this post-war time period, and, lucky for us, it’s pretty simple to make them dairy-free if you decide to serve meat. Serve your soup in a shooter to whet your guests’ palates and make it easy to drink while watching Edith’s desperate attempts to find a husband.

To add some texture and protein to the evening, consider serving roasted chicken or brisket on toast points. Make sure to add a dollop of sauce, such as horseradish sauce, as that was the main vehicle for flavor and demonstration of sophistication. If you want to round out your meal with something green, consider making Brussels sprout lollipops. I’m fairly certain the Grantham’s would never have considered skewering their sprouts with toothpicks, but roasted Brussels sprouts were incredibly popular in the 1920s England, since they were easy to grow and prepare and the population was becoming increasingly health-conscious.

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