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Seven Tons of Hummus Recalled in U.S.

After Texas health officials discover possible listeria contamination

Hannah Dreyfus
May 23, 2014

Though few dips taste better with challah than hummus, maybe hold off on purchasing the chickpea spread this afternoon. Seven tons of hummus—that’s 14,800 pounds—have been recalled in the United States after it was discovered that the may contain the deadly bacteria listeria monocytogenes, Haaretz reports.

After Texas officials identified the possible contamination earlier this week, food manufacturer Lansal—which sells their products at stores like Trader Joes and Target—announced a voluntary recall of their product. Listeria, spread through the consumption of contaminated food, can cause infection and death among those with compromised immune systems, like children and the elderly.

No illness has so far been reported from the hummus. Those who have purchased hummus products on the recall list are entitled to a full refund, according to a release from the Food and Drug Administration

This recall comes directly on the heels of Sabra Dipping Co.’s petition to the FDA to adopt a standard of determining what does and does not qualify as hummus. Apparently, standards when it comes to hummus are very much in order, though perhaps defining hummus is less urgent than avoiding a possible hummus epidemic.

Hannah Dreyfus is an editorial intern at Tablet.