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Simon Cowell’s Jewish Baby Boy

Girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth to son Eric on Valentine’s Day

Stephanie Butnick
February 19, 2014
Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman, and Eric Cowell. (Twitter)
Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman, and Eric Cowell. (Twitter)

“Very happy to say Eric was born at 17.45pm. Healthy and handsome,” Simon Cowell tweeted on Friday, announcing the birth of his son with girlfriend Lauren Silverman. This is the 54-year-old X-Factor producer and former American Idol judge’s first child, and Silverman’s second (she has an eight-year-old son, Adam, with her ex-husband.)

Rachel Shukert called their union, consummated while Silverman was still married to Andrew Silverman, a close friend of Cowell, one of the great A-list Jewish scandals of our time.

It’s the biggest, craziest, most perfectly blow-dried Jewish sex scandal (I bet you didn’t know Cowell’s father was an MOT, or did you?) since Jessica Sklar Nederlander left her husband right after the honeymoon for the recently de-Lonsteined Jerry Seinfeld, but with a jet-set international edge. It could be our version of the Happy Valley set, or all the bright (not-necessarily-so) young things surrounding the Prince of Wales and Wallis Simpson, but somehow it all has a feel I’m choosing to call haimish-fabulous, like if Jackie Collins had written a novel set at Camp Ramah in the 1980s.

Silverman’s divorce agreement, which was finalized in the late months of her pregnancy, prohibits Cowell from seeing Silverman’s elder son, of whom she has joint custody, complicating the bi-continental parents’ travel schedule considerably.

There’s no word on the bris, but we’ll have reporters camped out in front of all the Upper East Side synagogues, TMZ-style.

Stephanie Butnick is chief strategy officer of Tablet Magazine, co-founder of Tablet Studios, and a host of the Unorthodox podcast.

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