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Some Ben & Jerry’s Flavors for Free Cone Day!

Go get a gratis scoop of these

Marc Tracy
April 03, 2012
(Margarita Korol/Tablet Magazine)
(Margarita Korol/Tablet Magazine)

For the third straight year (ahem and ahem), Tablet Magazine’s staff is honoring Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day—it’s today!—by suggesting some new flavors.

Halvah Negilah: Pistachio ice cream with sweet sesame-tahini swirls.

Eric Cantor’s Southern Comfort: Whiskey ice cream with honey swirls.

• Matzah Breyers: In a deal with its rival ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s is using Breyers’ cinnamon ice cream but baking its own matzah.

• Red Velvet Drake: Like the current Red Velvet Cake, only even smoother, girl.

• Charoset the Mostest: Apple ice cream with nuts, dates, and, you know, whatever else you want to throw in there.

• NetanYoohoo: More brand cross-promotion: YooHoo-flavored ice cream, the prime minister’s face on the carton.

• BenZion NetanYoohoo: Just like the above ice cream, except aged 102 years.

• Soy Gevalt: For the lactose intolerant.

• Klezmer Kreme: Cream ice cream with sour-cherry swirl, for a taste of the Old Country.

• Raspberry Rugelach Delight Raspberry ice cream with crispy rugelach flakes.

• Settlement Freeze: Tastes sugary-sweet, but eat it quick, it melts fast!

• When General Grant Expelled the Juice: Apple juice sorbet with American apple pie chunks.

• Park Slope Choco-op: Half chocolate, the other half also chocolate, but in a totally different way. And you have to work three hours to buy it.

• Candy Bar Refaeli: Vanilla ice cream, with bits of Butterfinger, Snickers, and Milky Way.

And in select stores for a select time:

Hillel’s Ice Cream Sandwich: Pre-packaged confection with two slices of matzah surrounding vanilla ice cream—no corn syrup used.

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.