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Sundown: 76 Egyptians Convicted of Embassy Attack

Plus Marc Tracy profiles BuzzFeed

Adam Chandler
August 27, 2012
Egyptians Storming Israeli Embassy in 2011(CBC)
Egyptians Storming Israeli Embassy in 2011(CBC)

• 76 Egyptians were convicted for last year’s attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo. They will serve one-year sentences. [YNet]

• Scroll Editor Emeritus Marc Tracy writes about the nascent journo juggernaut BuzzFeed, which has grown into a powerhouse in just eight months. [TNR]

• Fingerprints allegedly link three Israeli boys to the firebombing of a Palestinian taxicab.[Haaretz]

• Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will visit Israel as the company tries to wiggle its way back into relevance as it releases a line of tablets. [JTA]

• The history of the Paralympics involves a Jewish doctor, once persecuted by the Nazis, who created the games after moving the United Kingdom. [Times of Israel]

• Huppah Dreams: This week a couple tied the knot after meeting in kindergarten at Solomon Schecter Day School in West Orange, New Jersey. [NYT]

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