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Sundown: Assad Defines ‘Axis of Resistance’

Plus anti-Semitic Elmo is back

Adam Chandler
September 19, 2012
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad(Reuters)

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad(Reuters)

• In a speech today, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad defined the uprising against his rule as a civil war against the “axis of resistance” consisting of Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah. [Times of Israel]

• Hotels in Jerusalem were ordered not to serve figs and asparagus in their High Holiday meals by the rabbinate in order to avoid insects. The hotel association is not happy. [YNet]

• A controversial pro-Israel ad previously seen on San Francisco buses (and funded by Pamela Geller) has now landed in New York City subway stations. [NYMag]

• Jewish groups are offering rent stipends and other perks for families in the United States who are willing to move and live actively among revitalizing Jewish communities. [NYT]

• Anti-Semitic Elmo is back. Jewcy has the scoop. [Jewcy]

• Rabbi David Wolpe, who delivered the benediction at the Democratic National Convention, writes on why he is a one-issue voter. [Time]

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