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Sundown: A New Settlement Freeze?

Plus Assad talks tough and a Jewish Holocaust avenger tells his story

Adam Chandler
May 07, 2013

• According to a report, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that he would impose a freeze on West Bank settlements until mid-June. [JTA]

• Rabbi Andy Bachman talks about supporting one’s Jewish community and sounds off on the debate about Relational Judaism. [WaterOverRocks]

• Syrian dictator Bashar Assad said that Syria could take Israel in a fight, but didn’t explicitly vow that Syria would retaliate for what’s widely to be Israeli airstrikes on Syrian missile sites near Damascus last weekend. [AP]

• A man using the pseudonym Yossi Cohen tells his story of roving around post-war Europe as part of a Holocaust revenge squad. [TheWorld]

• Adee Braun has a lovely essay about revealing her Jewish identity to a professor. [Jewcy]

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