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Sundown: Bibi to Play a Lot of Home Games

Plus American plotter in Mumbai attack sentenced to 35 years

Adam Chandler
January 24, 2013
David Headley(WGN)

• One obvious result of the Israeli elections will be a focus on domestic and internal issues within the country rather than a strict emphasis on foreign policy. A look at how that might play out. [Reuters]

• David Headley, a Chicago drug dealer who played a role in plotting the three days of attacks in Mumbai including a number of Jewish sites, has been sentenced to 35 years in prison. [NYT]

• David Remnick, who has found a mountain of criticism for heralding a hard-right takeover of the Israeli electorate, responds to Walter Russell Mead. [Politico]

• Friend of Tablet Dvora Meyers writes about succumbing to the temptation of pork for the first time for the swine-centric site Pork Memoirs. [Pork Memoirs]

• Famed artist and raconteur Eli Valley has a less-than-optimistic look at the Israeli elections on the Daily Beast. [Daily Beast]

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