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Sundown: Bibi Vows Broad Coalition

Plus will Great Britain exit the EU? Prolly not.

Adam Chandler
January 22, 2013


• Following a less than stellar result in the elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a brief speech in which he declared victory and immediately called for a broad governing coalition to be established. [Haaretz]

• British Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to bring up a referendum on whether Great Britain will stay in the European Union if his Conservative party win the election. [BBC]

• Jared Kushner names Joseph Meyer, his own brother-in-law, the CEO of the Observer Media Group. [Fishbowl]

• If you need an excuse to call your grandparents, consider this Johnson and Johnson internal study that suggests that as many as 40% of one of the company’s all-metal hip replacements could fail in the next five years. [NYT]

• Senator Chuck Schumer makes an apple pie. There are no words for this:

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