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Sundown: Bibi Vows No Settlement Demolitions

Plus debt ceiling issue likely to get kicked down the road three months

Adam Chandler
January 18, 2013
Etgar Keret Reads To Me(Adam Chandler)

Etgar Keret Reads To Me(Adam Chandler)

• Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, hoping to staunch a final slide before elections, vowed on Friday that he wouldn’t demolish any West Bank settlements if re-elected. [Times of Israel]

• House Republicans have agreed to raise the debt ceiling limit for three months after a series of intra-party negotiations. [NYT]

• Disgraced Dior designer John Galliano has reemerged! He will be working for a stint in Oscar de la Renta’s studio, which the ADL has signed off on. [Jewcy]

• Anne Cohen reports on the tribulations of Gene Rosen, a Jewish resident of Newtown, Connecticut, who took in students who fled the school shooting at Sandy Hook elementary and has been targeted by conspiracy theorists. [Forward]

• Check out (Tablet contributor) Etgar Keret’s new project “Storyvid”–which combines text and video. The project will be competing in Sundance and it’s pretty sweet. [Facebook]

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