Shimon Peres (Getty)
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Sundown: Calls for Western Wall Prayer Change

Stories from beyond the northeast

Adam Chandler
October 30, 2012
Shimon Peres (Getty)

• A Jewish Agency committee is calling for a new approach to the prayer policies at the Western Wall in the wake of the controversial arrest of the leader of the Women of the Wall. [JTA]

• Roger Cohen writes about the divisive atmosphere among the crucial Jewish demographic in Ohio ahead of the elections. [NYT]

• Shimon Peres at 89 is being urged to consider running for Prime Minister in the upcoming elections. Peres, who served as prime minister twice despite never being elected outright, has denied that he will pursue a political comeback. [Times of Israel]

• In advance of his latest film, the Times takes a look at the career of director Robert Zemeckis. [NYT]

• Jewcy takes on the cult-classic Freaks and Geeks character Neil Schweiber for their Network Jews series. [Jewcy]

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