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Sundown: Clinton Respects the Sabbath

Plus, microarchaeology in Ashkelon, ranking Spielberg’s hits, and more

Marc Tracy
January 11, 2012

• Another example of Bill Clinton’s famous kishkes. [JTA Capital J]

• Cutting-edge microarchaeology is being put to use in Ashkelon. [NYT]

• The Israelis, they love Churchill, can’t get enough of ‘im! [Haaretz]

• A rabbi won a battle to get a D.C. special election rescheduled in conformity with the Jewish holidays. [Jewish Journal]

• The Israeli Medical Association vs. a Haredi conference on infertility. The battleground: the conference has no woman speakers. [JTA]

• A woman is suing her congregation for allowing a Jamaican woman to be buried in the interfaith section of its cemetery. [The Root]

Steven Spielberg’s films, ranked. Might be my pick:

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