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Sundown: Controversy Over Schnabel Film

Plus what Abbas says and whom he says it to, Neil!, and more

Marc Tracy
March 14, 2011
From the Miral poster.(IMDB)
From the Miral poster.(IMDB)

• Julian Schnabel’s new film, Miral, which tells of Israeli-Palestinian fighting in 1948 from the perspective of a Palestinian orphan, is screening at the U.N. tonight. Israel, the AJC, and the ADL are protesting this. [JTA]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu demanded that President Abbas condemn the Fogel murders on Palestinian radio in the same harsh terms that he condemned them today on a Hebrew-language Israeli station. [Arutz Sheva]

• You can watch Christian Dior’s niece proudly proclaim herself a Nazi. Which, if you read Rachel Shukert’s article on fashion fascists, is an of course moment. [Jezebel]

• Gal Beckerman usefully goes meta, reporting on the reactions to Bloodlands, Timonthy Snyder’s controversial study of Hitler’s and Stalin’s killings. [Boston Globe]

• There is a famine of kosher baby formula in supermarkets heavily patronized by Hasidim. [Kveller]

• Your moment of zen. [@Joan_Rivers]

Guess who gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight! Some have remembered one thing. I prefer to remember this:

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