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Sundown: Drake Smacks Down Matisyahu

Plus, what’s new with the Palestinians, and a Talmudic inquiry

Ari M. Brostoff
June 29, 2010

• Drake, the rising Canadian Jewish star of hip hop, told Jimmy Kimmel last week exactly how he felt about that other Jewish hip-hop guy, Matisyahu: “He’s so blatantly Jewish, with the payes, and the hat.” Piped up Kimmel: “It’s like a costume!” This would be the place to point out that rappers have not historically eschewed the wearing of costumes—though to be fair, Drake showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in what appeared to be a baby-blue Christmas sweater. But Drake, isn’t that a costume if you’re Jewish? [Heeb]

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen argues that Hamas is inflicting more harm on the people of Gaza than Israel is: “Maybe the blockade ought to end—but so, too, should anyone’s dreamy idea of Hamas.” Mr. Cohen, are you trying to take away my lovely Hamas dreams? What’s next, bunnies? [WaPo]

• The AP takes a look at Mahmoud Abbas’ new strategy of cozying up to American Jewish leaders. [AP]

• As we noted this morning, the Three Weeks begin tonight, which means, for many observant Jews, no music. Do Simon and Garfunkel get an exemption?

Ari M. Brostoff is Culture Editor at Jewish Currents.