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Sundown: Egyptian President Morsi to U.S.

Plus Jewish baseball great Kevin Youkilis to play for Israel

Adam Chandler
August 22, 2012
Kevin Youkilis(Tvzee)

Kevin Youkilis(Tvzee)

• Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi will visit Washington as part of his trip to represent • Egypt at the United Nations General Assembly in September. [Times of Israel]

• The two-state solution will remain on the Republican Party platform following a few challenges positing that the position is indistinguishable from the Democratic platform and puts pressure on Israel to negotiate. [WP]

• West Bank products reaching South African stores will bear the label “Israeli Occupied Territories” instead of Israel after a new regular was adopted. [JTA]

• Kevin Youkilis, if healthy, will play for Israel in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. [Forward]

• Jacob Silverman writes about the hilarious comedian Andy Zaltzman, who is slowly reaching audiences in America. [Jewcy]

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