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Sundown: Europe’s J Street

Plus, the ‘new Afrikaners,’ a murder trial, and a foot robbery

Ari M. Brostoff
April 30, 2010

• A group called JCall will launch next week as the self-proclaimed European answer to J Street. Organizers include a member of the EU Parliament and the ubiquitous Bernard-Henri Levy. (BHL, The Scroll would like to an extend a temporary freeze on our policy of mocking you.) Interesting to note: In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, a JCall official used the word “colonization” to describe Israeli policy—which we’re fairly sure is a word verboten in the J Street lexicon. [J’lem Post]

Israel Lobby co-author John Mearsheimer postulated in a speech today that Israel and the Palestinians are off the two-state solution track and that instead full-fledged apartheid will be followed by a bi-national state. Extending the apartheid analogy further than it usually goes, he classified a number of prominent American Zionists, from Abe Foxman of the ADL to Marty Peretz of the New Republic, as “new Afrikaners.” [Jerusalem Fund]

• The New Yorker proffers a real-life courtroom drama by Janet Malcolm about the 2009 trial of a woman who hired her cousin to murder her estranged husband at a playground—all set within the Bukharan Jewish community in Queens. Subscription unfortunately required. [New Yorker]

• Police apprehended a young man outside a Dallas Jewish cemetery who had removed and stolen a foot from a body in one of the graves. He told the cops that he “took it from a Jew girl just because I wanted a foot.” [Vos Iz Neias]

Ari M. Brostoff is Culture Editor at Jewish Currents.