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Sundown: Family Says Amy Died Clean

Plus, Iran allows inspector, Katy Perry joins Mideast fray, and more

Marc Tracy
August 23, 2011
Amy Winehouse in 2009.(Dave Hogan/Getty Images)
Amy Winehouse in 2009.(Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

• According to her family, toxicology tests found no substances in Amy Winehouse’s system. Does this lend credence to the theory that the Jewish soul singer died from going cold turkey? [ArtsBeat]

• Significantly, Iran has granted a U.N. inspector access to a site with advanced centrifuges for uranium enrichment. [AP/WP]

• Jonathan Tobin explains why Israel is right to have refrained from apologizing to Turkey over last year’s flotilla. [Contentions]

• This is what I meant: people outside the shtetl—I’m looking at you, Katy Perry!—frequently step in it without meaning to when they discuss Israel. (No but actually this is crazy.) [Michelle Malkin]

• Joe Lieberman on his sex life (that got your attention!). [Moment]

• A lawsuit over three George Grosz paintings that the Supreme Court will likely not consider brings up questions of whether Holocaust-related art cases should be decided on the basis of legal technicalities or the spirit of the law. [NYT]


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