That kid Bieber.(Yahoo!)
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Sundown: Hamas Is No Partner

Plus, that kid Bieber did something, and more

Marc Tracy
May 31, 2011
That kid Bieber.(Yahoo!)

• An extensive report on Hamas concludes that they really do mean all those bad things they say. [Globe & Mail]

• This is what right of return actually means. [Salon]

• Justin Bieber has the name Yeshua (that would be “Jesus”) tattooed in Hebrew on his ribs. Get over it. [Yahoo!]

• This portentous “Letter to President Obama” about the peace process has the man-bites-dog signature of former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. [NYRB]

• “Your mother took off her Jewish badge, and I took off my gay badge, and we got married.” Sounds like a great new film about to open. [NYT]

• An incredible story of dissidence and violent suppression within the Hasidic community. [Forward]

This weekend, in Bethel, New York, Phish performed “Quinn the Eskimo” a few miles from where Bob Dylan recorded it. (And I was there.)

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.