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Sundown: Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Threatens

Plus a Gaza building boom?

Adam Chandler
August 17, 2012

• At a Jerusalem Day rally today, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah threatened to use “precision rockets” to kill “tens of thousands” of Israelis if Israel attacks Lebanon. [Daily Star]

The Economist has a feature on the Gaza Strip, which may be prime for an economic boom. [The Economist]

• Erica Goode writes the harrowing story of the Colorado emergency room that handled the victims of the Aurora shooting. [NYT]

• The Forward picks a bone with the popular game Words With Friends, a scrabblee knock-off that doesn’t allow the use of the word “Jew” as a valid word. [Forward]

• An Iranian woman was interview on Israeli television where she spoke about her friendship through Facebook with an Israeli woman. [Times of Israel]

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