Graham Spanier with Joe Paterno(ABC)
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Sundown: Iran Expanding Underground?

Plus the former Penn State President speak

Adam Chandler
August 23, 2012
Graham Spanier with Joe Paterno(ABC)

• The Jerusalem Post is reporting that some sources are reporting that Iran is expanding its nuclear capabilities underground. [JPost]

• Israel’s President Shimon Peres called on Germany to allow Jews to continue the rite of circumcision. [Haaretz]

• Former Penn State President Graham Spanier speaks to Jeffrey Toobin about the school’s sexual abuse scandal as well as the investigation led by Louis Freeh, former director of the F.B.I. [New Yorker]

• Jeffrey Goldberg and Andrew Sullivan exchange shots on the issue of settlements and Jewish violence. [The Atlantic]

• Jewcy investigates donkey rides with wireless internet at a biblical theme park in Israel. [Jewcy]

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