Fordo Nuclear Enrichment Facility in Iran(Google Maps)
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Sundown: Iran Underground Plant Nearly Done

Plus a look at foreign policy political ads

Adam Chandler
October 26, 2012
Fordo Nuclear Enrichment Facility in Iran(Google Maps)

• Various intelligence officials from different countries claim that Iran’s underground nuclear enrichment plant at Fordo is close to completion. [NYT]

• Coincidentally enough, Uri Friedman over at Foreign Policy lists the ten worst foreign policy ads of this year’s political campaigns. [Foreign Policy]

• Michael Bloomberg, in addition to garnering controversy, seems poised to make himself a known figure on the national stage at the end of his term as New York City mayor. James Bennet at the Atlantic has a profile. [Atlantic]

• The Argentine National Library has canceled an extremely controversial sounding trial symposium on Israel led by a former Nobel Laureate following requests from the Wiesenthal Center. [JTA]

• Over at Jewcy, Emma Morris–the Miss Cleo of the Chosen People–has got your horoscopes. [Jewcy]

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