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Sundown: Israel to Occupy Lunar Territory

Plus Fayyad for prez?, Zuckerberg gets hacked, and more

Marc Tracy
December 06, 2011
(Shutterstock/Ye Olde Tablet Photoshoppe)
(Shutterstock/Ye Olde Tablet Photoshoppe)

• It seems not implausible that Israel could become the third country to send something to the moon. [Forbes]

• The Obama administration may be looking to weaken sanctions targeting Iran’s central bank. [Washington Jewish Week]

• If President Abbas chooses not to seek re-election, Prime Minister Fayyad may run to replace him. Unfortunately, Thomas Friedman has been denied the franchise in the Palestinian territories. [JPost]

• Former President Katsav, who’s going to prison for rape, requests our sympathy. [NYT]

• Corruption at Budapest’s Jewish cemetery. Sounds like a Kafka story! Except in Budapest, not Prague. But still! [JTA]

• Yossarian was not a Jew, according to his creator Joseph Heller. [JTA]

Mark Zuckerberg’s photos were leaked because Facebook’s privacy protections are poor. I’ll turn this over to Morpheus:

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