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Sundown: Kerry Bashes Focus on Settlements

Plus R.I.P. Harman, lox vs. smoked salmon, and more

Marc Tracy
April 13, 2011
Sen. John Kerry last month.(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Sen. John Kerry last month.(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

• The Obama administration’s early focus on Israeli settlements instead of prerequisite issues like borders and security resulted in a “wasted a year and a half on something that for a number of reasons was not achievable,” said Sen. John Kerry. [Ben Smith]

• Sidney Harman, the prominent California industrialist, wife of Rep. Jane Harman, and chairman of Newsweek, died at 92. [NYT]

• You know the really salty lox that you call “belly lox”? Well, all really salty lox is lox. The non-salty stuff isn’t lox, it’s smoked salmon. Consider yourself educated. [Diner’s Journal]

• The lost Jews of … Indianapolis! [American Thinker]

• The legend of Sam Fuld grows: He could have hit for the cycle Monday night, but instead, despite his own manager’s entreaties, instinctively took second base for his second double of the game. [Kaplan’s Korner]

• Egypt’s government plans to raise the price of natural gas it sells to Israel to match it to world prices. [JPost]

Apparently, early on, an alleged collaborator suggested to Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook have a “Christian corner.” The related Social Network parody below is old, but I hadn’t seen it, so maybe you haven’t, either?

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.

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