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Sundown: New Ex-IDF Brass Wary of Iran Strike

Plus, a German rower goes home early

Adam Chandler
August 03, 2012

• Maj. Gen. Aharon Farkash, former head of IDF intelligence, says an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities may not be more than “a couple of months” away. He also doesn’t think an attack is a good idea. [Times of Israel]

• Nadja Drygalla, a German rower has left the Olympics early following claims that her boyfriend is the member of a neo-Nazi political organization. [JTA]

• Dave Eggers and John Prendergast opine on the need to keep Sudan from devolving into Syria. [WaPo]

• Alex Clare, an Orthodox Jewish British chef-turned-musician, talks about his favorite kosher restaurants in the world; omitting an important city. [Jewcy]

• Jacob Silverman breaks down the dilution of discourse on literature and takes on social media. [Slate]

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