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Sundown: Palestinian Engineer Charged

Plus, the man in the white Charvet shirts, and more

Marc Tracy
April 04, 2011
Bernard-Henri Lévy.(Marc Roussel/NYT)
Bernard-Henri Lévy.(Marc Roussel/NYT)

• The Hamas engineer allegedly captured by Israel in Ukraine was charged, in Israel, with developing rockets for Hamas. [WP]

• In the civil suit brought by Rachel Corrie’s family, an IDF major testified that the tragically killed pro-Palestinian activist ignored warnings to get out of the way of army bulldozers. [AP/WP]

• BHL gets the Times treatment on the occasion of his outsize role in bringing Western intervention to Libya. [NYT]

• Israel needs American-style education reform, and by and large hasn’t adopted it. [TNR]

• I will never get tired of Tim Noah’s continued explorations of ways in which prominent Republican operative Fred Malek aided and abetted President Nixon’s crusade to rid the Bureau of Labor Statistics of its Jews. [Slate]

• A report on Shabbat flowers in Crown Heights, from the other daily magazine of Jewish life and culture. [NYT]

An astute Ben Smith reader spots the requisite Jewish symbol in the Obama re-election campaign’s inaugural video. Can you find it? (Click to Ben’s post if you can’t.) This is like a Semitic Where’s Waldo?!

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