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Sundown: Pride in the Tel Aviv Streets

Plus Nixon on the Jews, and more

Marc Tracy
June 08, 2012
Tel Aviv's Gay Pride Parad.(Hadar Cohen/Haaretz)
Tel Aviv's Gay Pride Parad.(Hadar Cohen/Haaretz)

• Tel Aviv hosted its annual Gay Pride Parade. Relatedly: I’m very excited to be going to Israel Monday. [Haaretz]

• The two-headed beast known as Woodstein publishes its first piece in 36 years, reminding everyone that, with Watergate, the cover-up was not worse than the crimes, seeing as the crimes included the subversion of the American judicial and electoral systems. [WP] Also here’s Nixon on Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers:

“You can’t drop it, Bob,” Nixon told Haldeman on June 29, 1971. “You can’t let the Jew steal that stuff and get away with it. You understand?”

He went on: “People don’t trust these Eastern establishment people. He’s Harvard. He’s a Jew. You know, and he’s an arrogant intellectual.”

Nixon’s anti-Semitic rages were well-known to those who worked most closely with him, including some aides who were Jewish. As we reported in our 1976 book, The Final Days, he would tell his deputies, including Kissinger, that “the Jewish cabal is out to get me.” In a July 3, 1971, conversation with Haldeman, he said: “The government is full of Jews. Second, most Jews are disloyal. You know what I mean? You have a Garment [White House counsel Leonard Garment] and a Kissinger and, frankly, a Safire [presidential speechwriter William Safire], and, by God, they’re exceptions. But Bob, generally speaking, you can’t trust the bastards. They turn on you.”

• Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman may be indicted soon on long-festering corruption charges. [JTA/Forward]

• The majority of Israelis agree with MK Miri Regev’s (since-retracted) statement that African migrants are a “cancer on the body” of Israel. [Times of Israel]

• Kibbutz caviar. [ABC News]

• The conductor of the symphony that will break the informal ban on Wagner in Israel lashed out against what he said was “ignorance” about the German composer. [DPA/Oklahoma Welcome]

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.