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Sundown: Sex, Booze, and Parking

Uptight Brits, offensive vodka, and bootcamp diaries

June 09, 2009

• Promotional condoms advertising Israel tourism were “received with disgust” by Londoners, who apparently don’t want distractions while they’re lying back and thinking of England. [UPI]
• How we know the Soviets lost: Kosher Jewish vodka from Russia. Why we shouldn’t be so sure: the label featuring drunken yids harassing a dog. [Jewlicious]
• In what “could be one of the most significant operatic productions of the year,” the Choir of London is set to perform La Bohème in the Palestinian territories. [Guardian]
• Some incredible photos of violence that erupted when ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel protested a new parking lot that will operate on the Sabbath. []
• Boulder, Colorado, held its 15th annual festival celebrating its “diverse” Jewish community, which ranges from those who won’t play hackey sack on the Sabbath, to those who attend drum-circle minyans. [Daily Camera]
• A historic synagogue in Brookhaven, Mississippi, may be transformed into a Jewish heritage museum, making it the only tourist attraction in town. [Daily Leader]
Ha’aretz launches a new series, following five new recruits to an Israel Defense Forces combat unit. Some recurring themes: too little sleep, too many strangers. [Haaretz]