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Sundown: Shanah Tova Edition

Sending you off with extra material

Marc Tracy
September 08, 2010

Special longer-than-usual Sundown today, due to the half-day and the fact that we will be off tomorrow and Friday. Here’s wishing you and yours a sweet 5771!

Old Jews Telling Jokes … the Rosh Hashanah-themed e-cards! This is easily the best way to wish someone a happy new year. [OJTJ]

• Hussein Ibish asks why we should include Hamas in peace talks when the group has made clear, through its violent attacks last week, that it does not want peace. [NOW Lebanon]

• Elliott Abrams advises peace processors to shoot for a “framework agreement” rather than a comprehensive, final one. [WP]

• Shmuel Rosner writes that when it comes to the peace process, impatience is the great enemy. [FP]

• If you needed another “Hey no matter what happens with the peace process, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is building a real Palestinian state in the West Bank” essay, well then here’s one. [WP]

• All about the diverse artists at the newly revamped Israel Museum. [NYT]

• Impossibly charming profile of 100-year-old novelist Hans Keilson (whose books Adam Kirsch raved over). [NYT]

• Was a lampshade in post-Katrina New Orleans really made from Buchenwald’s human remains? [NYMag]

• Andrew Ferguson has a few words to say on the subject of Peter Beinart. [Commentary]

• The last Jews of … Burma! [Moment]

• Jules Feiffer and Norton Juster—the (Jewish) geniuses behind The Phantom Tollboth—have teamed up again, 40 years later. (Though this time, they don’t live in the same Brooklyn Heights duplex.) [NPR]

• Former Jewcy editor (and Friend of Tablet Magazine) Lilit Marcus has a new book out, Save the Assistants! Buy it! [Amazon]

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.