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Sundown: Snack Attack

Offending (and befriending) Christians, disputed vineyards, and a Baltimore blog

Hadara Graubart
June 17, 2009

• In the battle between two brothers to become the next chief Sephardi rabbi of Jerusalem, one issue has emerged as particularly critical: which prayer should be recited before eating Bamba, a sort of peanut butter-flavored Cheetos-like snack popular in Israel. [JPost]
• “I don’t mean to offend any Christian person,” says Harold Ramis of his new film Year One, “I only mean to offend Jewish people, who I trust completely because I’m Jewish.” [AMC]
Trevelujah, a networking site for Christians looking to travel to Israel, is run by a Jew. [JPost]
• Another new website promises “everything you need to know about Jewish Baltimore,” including “eruv status updates,” which presumably doesn’t refer to hourly reports on the eruv’s mood, or what it ate for lunch. [Baltimore Jewish Examiner]
• A chic new winery joins others that have been built in the Israeli settlements. “Wine and politics don’t mix,” says Shai Segev, a wine critic there. Try telling that to my family come Seder time. [BBC]

Hadara Graubart was formerly a writer and editor for Tablet Magazine.

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