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Sundown: The A.P. Gets Scooped

Plus a UN org erases Israel from its map

Adam Chandler
May 13, 2013
Amy Winehouse(NME)

• The Associated Press is reporting that two months’ worth of phone records for some of its reporters and editors were secretly obtained by the Justice Department. [AP]

• The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is in hot water for unveiling a map of the Middle East in which Israel does not exist. At a German-funded project launch, the Hamas-employing group replaced Israel with “Arab Palestine.” [ToI]

• Countering our earlier article on China and Israel, here’s Michael Koplow on why the Chinese plan for Mideast peace, unveiled last week during separate visits there by Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu, does matter. [O&Z]

• Ashton Kutcher arrived in Israel to take meetings with some start-up companies. While he’s away, I am desperately trying to arrange a meet-cute with Mila Kunis. [Algemeiner]

• The late singer Amy Winehouse will be honored at an exhibit at the Jewish Museum in London. Jewcy’s got the scoop on it, plus a number of other Winehouse-related projects this year. [Jewcy]

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