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Sundown: The Pope Pens a Rabbi a Letter

Plus Pope Francis sends Rome’s rabbi a nice letter

Adam Chandler
March 14, 2013
Kosher Grill at Citi Field( Flickr)
Kosher Grill at Citi Field( Flickr)

• A federal appeals court upheld a ban that keeps vendors from selling kosher hot dogs on Shabbat at New York’s Citi Field. Now if only they could knock down the ban on the Mets perpetual lousiness. [JTA]

• It’s been less than 24 hours since Pope Francis became infallible and he’s already written a kind letter to the head rabbi of Rome pledging to improve relations between Catholics and Jews. [JPost]

• Liam Hoare writes on troubling developments with Scandinavian textbooks on the newly minted mag The Tower. [Tower]

• Ed Asner is back on the grind following a brief hospitalization near Chicago on Tuesday. Asner is currently touring in a one-man show. [AP]

• The court date for designer John Galliano’s pursuit of compensation for money lost after he was relieved of numerous contracts for drunkenly ranting about the Jews in 2011 has been set. Mark your calendars for October 24. [The Cut]

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