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Sundown: Western Wall Showdown Looming?

Plus Hezbollah, Hawking, and Ari Brand

Adam Chandler
May 09, 2013
Richard Wagner(RWForum)

Richard Wagner(RWForum)

• Western Wall rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz called for calm ahead of tomorrow’s potentially contentious Rosh Hodesh service featuring the Women of the Wall. While a recent court ruling guarantees that no women worshipers will be arrested, tomorrow’s service has an added dimension of controversy given the temporary nature of the arrangement. [JTA]

• More on the Hezbollah threats against Israel and Hassan Nasrallah’s statement about receiving new weapons from Syria. [NYT]

• Jillian Scheinfeld chats with Ari Brand, the up-and-coming actor who plays Asher Lev in the off-Broadway play “My Name is Asher Lev.” [Jewcy]

• A fellow ALS sufferer made a public plea for astrophysicist Stephen Hawking to reconsider his academic boycott of Israel. [ToI]

• A German production of Richard Wagner’s Tannhauser was canceled after less than a week following an uproar concerning the adaptation’s use of Nazi imagery and graphic simulated violence. [JTA]

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