A Polling Station in Sweden in 1940(Wikipedia)
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Sundown: Where Will You Be Tomorrow?

Plus Syrian fire hits IDF jeeps near the border between Israel and Syria

Adam Chandler
November 05, 2012
A Polling Station in Sweden in 1940(Wikipedia)

• Ignore or embrace the casual profanity, but here is an easy way to make sure you go to the correct place tomorrow if you’re voting in the American elections. [YourFuckingPollingPlace]

• Just days after three Syrian tanks entered a demilitarized zone between Israel and Syria, an IDF patrol jeep near the Israeli border with Syria was hit by stray gunfire [JPost]

• There is a crocodile loose in the Gaza sewers. [Al-Arabiya]

• Tamara Mann has a moving personal essay on politics and the Jewish attitudes about birth and life. [HuffPo]

• Jewcy looks at the generational divide between David Mamet’s embrace of Mitt Romney and Lena Dunham’s full-throated call for Barack Obama. [Jewcy]

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