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Take the Tablet Hanukkah Challenge!

Tell us the story of Hanukkah in two minutes or less and you could be featured on our podcast

Staff Notes
December 05, 2014

What’s the story of Hanukkah? The narrative, as passed along through the ages and among them, has about as much reliability (and entertainment value) as a game of Telephone. Given that, we thought it’d be fun to hear YOUR version of the Hanukkah story. So, here’s a holiday challenge that could get you featured on Vox Tablet, our podcast, and a prize, too.

In less than two minutes, tell us what the story of Hanukkah is–without looking it up on Wikipedia, or placing a call to your favorite rabbi. And here’s the thing: You need to record your answer (instructions below), and email it to [email protected]

This challenge isn’t just for grown-ups, or for Jews. Anyone can give it a try. The winning answer will be the most entertaining, most enlightening, or, ideally, both.

Here’s how to make and send your recording on your phone:

If you have an iPhone, go to Voice Memos in your Utilities folder. Hit “Record,” talk, end the recording and then hit the upward facing arrow at the bottom of your screen to email your message. Android phones come with Google Keep, which records in a similar way.

The deadline to submit your explanation of the story of Hanukkah is Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 5 p.m.

Ready. Set. Record.