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The Internet’s Best Anti-Semitic Song

‘The Goyim Know,’ which blames the Jews for positive liberal developments in American society, is a bar mitzvah hit waiting to happen

Yair Rosenberg
May 27, 2016

Last week, I published a compilation of my favorite anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, which ranged from the belief in dolphin Mossad agents to claims about a secret magic vegetable that confers upon Jews special powers. But while the piece paid proper tribute to the theories themselves, it did not recognize the most creative expressions of them.

In fact, the internet is full of neo-Nazis, thinly-disguised “anti-Zionists,” and an assortment of other unsavory characters who devote themselves to spreading anti-Jewish conjecture in artistic form. There are thousands of YouTube clips intended to expose the mendacity of the Jews—some quite professionally produced, and many with hundreds of thousands of views. An entire industry of anti-Semitic infographics and memes populates Reddit and Twitter. There are even photoshopped Twitter conversations that purport to show Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu admitting that Israel controls ISIS.

But my personal favorite artistic expression of anti-Semitism has to be the song “The Goyim Know.” Written and performed by a white supremacist band, but presented as a dialogue between two Hasidim who presumably run the world, it is both cartoonishly prejudiced yet inadvertently complimentary towards the Jews. While casting Jews as a malicious force out to undermine and emasculate the white race, the song credits the Jews with feminism, affirmative action, and other positive social developments. “They know all the things that we have done, and now they’re telling everyone,” croons the vocalist, “the goyim know!”

Listen to it below, and be sure to play it at your next bar mitzvah:

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