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‘The Neighbor Out of Sound’ Arrives

Tablet’s resident poetry critic wins praise for his new book of poems

The Scroll
September 26, 2018
Poet, Jake MarmerYoutube
Poet, Jake MarmerYoutube

We wish we had a more lyrical paean to offer Tablet’s resident poetry critic, Jake Marmer, on the occasion of his new book of poems, The Neighbor Out of Sound, but a simple mazel tov will have to convey our congratulations.

Better suited to the task is the poet Charles Bernstein who describes Marmer’s verse as “exuberant, murmuring poems … a nomadic poetry, stolen from the open air and tuned toward the “fractured mirrors” of ancient grammars.” The poet Jerome Rothenberg writes that “the thrill, for me as it will be for others, is how he pulls together a profound feel for unabashedly Jewish images & soundings with avant-garde & jazz particulars.” The result “is very much a poetry for now & a voice well worth the listening,” writes Rothenberg.

Marmer has been writing for Tablet since 2011 and, in that time, has developed a substantial body of criticism here, as his archives can attest.

The Neighbor Out of Sound, published by Sheep Meadow, will be released on Oct. 2 and is available for sale now on Amazon.

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