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The Tabbies!

Ten great award-worthy things that Tablet loved from 2021

Tablet Magazine
December 27, 2021

Welcome to the first annual Tabbies, a completely improvised and highly experimental attempt by Tablet magazine to salvage awards season from its own weight. We claim no right to judge, so The Tabbies are not a Best Of, nor a Top 10 list. Instead, The Tabbies are Tablet’s minyan of fun, weird, surprising, heartening, generative, and ultimately altruistic efforts by humans in the past year—things that moved us, changed us, opened our eyes, made us say “wow,” and filled us with gratitude. We came to the final 10 out of a pool of more than 100 nominees from our staff, in a cloaked deliberative process worthy of a good Jewish joke about disagreements among our people. Each winner will receive a babka, if possible (anyone have Peter Jackson’s address?).

Here, then, in no particular order, and with great humility, are this year’s recipients of the inaugural Tabbies. Congratulations to them, with thanks from all of us at Tablet for enriching our 2021.

Jake Cohen

Peter Jackson

DIY YouTube

Especially Larry Haun (1931-2011) and Scott Wadsworth of Essential Craftsman

(YouTube also saves lives.)

Ariel Levy & Melinda Shopsin

Ethan Strauss

Dawoud Bey 

The Tanya app

Joshua Cohen

Independent Ranchers Collective Action

Sustainable Beef, North Platte, Nebraska

Elliot Steinmetz

From the editors at Tablet Magazine

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