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The Trailer for the Upcoming Season of ‘Broad City’ Is a Total Riot

In the days of Trump, Abbi and Ilana get ‘dark’

Sophie Aroesty
June 05, 2017
Ilana Glazer (L) and Abbi Jacobson in Season 4 of 'Broad City.'YouTube
Ilana Glazer (L) and Abbi Jacobson in Season 4 of 'Broad City.'YouTube

If you’re averse to sex, drugs, and self-pleasure in the name of the president, avert your eyes. And if you’re still here with us, feast your eyes.

That’s right, Broad City is back, baby—with new episodes airing Aug. 23. And as you can see, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are in top form. Take it from Ilana who described the season thus: “It is dark as fuck … it is as dark as the world is today.”

One main reason for this is that while previous seasons took place in the summer months, Season 4 was shot during the winter, around the time that American was (and still is, for that matter), blanketed by a toxic political climate. And as if Ilana’s feelings about the whole matter wasn’t apparent, the promo gives us a taste of her opinions with a hearty mid-masturbation, “Fuck you, Trump!” (On the show, she apparently hasn’t been able to have an orgasm since Trump was elected.) Politics influenced this season more than just by pissing off the creators, as the plot of the season was actually written preemptively assuming a Clinton presidency. With a plot-twist even television producers couldn’t dream up, the season needed to be re-written and filming was delayed. Hence, the reason for the late release.

The promo hints at some political issues that Ilana and Abbi might deal with in this season, like meeting some gun-toting Floridians and defeating abortion protesters with gusts of second-hand (weed) smoke to the face. Of course, it can’t all be serious. Some new additions to the show’s arsenal include cameos by Ru Paul, Wanda Sykes, Steve Buscemi, and Shania Twain. Perhaps this means sunnier days ahead. Or at least some laughs. Definitely that.
The promo also promises us threesomes, adventures in plastic surgery, and tripping so hard that Ilana and Abbi’s eyes become animated. Aug. 23 can’t come soon enough.

Sophie Aroesty is an editorial intern at Tablet.

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