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A High Holidays of inclusion, and more

Unknown Author
September 07, 2010

Today in Tablet Magazine, our High Holiday coverage hits its stride (Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown tomorrow): Editor-in-chief Alana Newhouse introduces our coverage with a call for inclusion; Rabbi James Ponet explains how he evolved to feeling comfortable officiating at interfaith weddings, such as the Clinton-Mezvinsky nuptials he presided over this summer; parenting columnist Marjorie Ingall gleans parenting lessons from the Jewish new year; and Rabbi Avi Shafran, of Agudath Israel, argues that some Jews think of the ultra-Orthodox as a distasteful ‘other’ rather than a fully legitimate part of the Jewish community. Plus, consult our Rosh Hashanah FAQ if you have any questions, and consult Josh Lambert’s compilation of forthcoming books of interest if you need any reading suggestions. And if you’re still not satisfied, there’s always The Scroll.

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