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Hating Israel but loving peace, recalling Derrida, killing Jimmy Carter, and more

Unknown Author
January 20, 2010

Today in Tablet Magazine, Beirut-based Hanin Ghaddar struggles with her Lebanese grandmother, whom she loves, but who herself loves Hezbollah and is, er, less bullish on Israelis and Jews. Columnist Seth Lipsky takes a break from the Jew beat to profile Raymond Joseph, Haiti’s ambassador to the United States—and a former Wall Street Journal business reporter. Poetry critic David Kaufmann revisits (Jewish) literary theorist Jacques Derrida six years after his death. The latest entry in our Emails of Zion series—in which we helpfully publish those angry missives that your uncle may not have forwarded to you yet—concerns a wish that former President Jimmy Carter cease his current practice of being alive. The Scroll is more selective in its death-wishes.

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