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Stark Murder Details; SAC Documentary Airing

Plus Gary Shteyngart officially named a Russophobe, and more in the news

Stephanie Butnick
January 07, 2014
SAC Capital headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
SAC Capital headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

• Developments in the Menachem Stark murder case: Stark was reportedly squashed to death, potentially killed by a captor sitting on him to overpower him. Meanwhile, investigators reportedly say Stark’s former business partner, Israel Perlmutter, might be lying to them. [NY Daily News]

• In To Catch a Trader, a Frontline documentary about Steven A. Cohen and SAC airing tonight, we learn that the hedge fund kind is unfamiliar with insider trading laws. As in, actually doesn’t know what they are. [Bloomberg]

• An in-depth profile of Jennifer Weiner, the bestselling author loved by fans but shelved by the literary establishment. [New Yorker]

• Gary Shteyngart has been officially named a “Pathological Russophobe” by a prominent Russian blog. It’s a distinction he—with the help of Tablet contributor Julia Ioffe—campaigned tirelessly for. [BuzzFeed]

• Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are teaming up for a new project. That’s all we know. [LA Times]

• In this fantasy football league, the loser has to take the SAT exam. Tablet contributor Ben Cohen on a brilliantly perverse punishment. [WSJ]

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