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Two Burgas Bombing Suspects Are Identified

A top Bulgaria official believes the remaining culprits are in Lebanon

Adam Chandler
February 06, 2013
Hezbollah rally.(AFP)
Hezbollah rally.(AFP)

As you may remember, last July, a bus departing the Burgas airport in Bulgaria was targeted and bombed, killing five Israeli tourists and the bus driver, who was Muslim. In the last few days, the slow-moving investigation has picked considerably with the news that Bulgarian investigators were set to issue a report that blamed Hezbollah for the attack.

Today, a top Bulgarian official said that two men have been identified as the remaining culprits in the attack and were now living in Lebanon. This makes some sense given that Hezbollah is based in Lebanon.

Stanimir Florov, head of Bulgaria’s anti-terror unit, said Wednesday that the names of the suspects were known, they were now based in the same country and “we have asked Lebanese authorities to assist in our investigation.” He did not elaborate.

The elusive piece of data is the identity of the bomber.

The identity of the bomber remains unknown even though his DNA samples have been shared with intelligence agencies in other nations, he said, adding that no DNA match has been found in their databases.

It’s also believed that the bomber had intended for the explosion to happen while the bus was in motion rather than when he was still within its range. So I suppose that’s not the worst thing.

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