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Warm Up With Vox Tablet

Wait out Winter Storm Pax with some of our favorite podcasts

Julie Subrin
February 13, 2014

Stuck at home while Winter Storm Pax slams the East Coast? Here to help you wait out yet another snowstorm is our podcast, Vox Tablet.

We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorites, which are perfect for a snowy day like today. Escape to Jerusalem, or the Mediterranean coast, or just tune out the storm with the sounds of a Hasidic alt-rock women-only band.

Go bar hopping with Daniel Estrin on a very hot summer’s evening in Jerusalem. (plus cocktail recipes.)

Wander the Mediterranean coast of Israel with Zak Rosen and tekhelet expert Baruch Sterman in search of the source of the most ancient blue thread for tzitzit.

If it’s a more spiritual warmth you’re looking for, check out our conversation with Dalia Shusterman and Perl Wolf of Bulletproof Stockings, the Hasidic alt-rock band whose raucous music draws comparisons to Fiona Apple.

If your cabin-fevered children are on the verge of driving you insane, tune them out with this interview with psychologist Catherine Stiener-Adair about how our digital addictions are rupturing family relationships.

Julie Subrin is Tablet Magazine’s executive producer for audio.