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Nathanel Creson and Edna NahriVia Facebook
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WATCH: Around the World With Grandma

A young Israeli and his safta trek across Asia

Elazar Abrahams
August 07, 2018
Via Facebook
Nathanel Creson and Edna NahriVia Facebook

For the past four months, a young Israeli named Nathanel Creson has been traveling through Asia with a very special companion: his grandmother.

Chronicling their adventures through vlogs on a Facebook page cleverly titled The Gran Adventure, Nathanel and his 74-year-old safta, Edna Nahri, have now completed their journey. “For those of you that are still lucky to have the opportunity to spend time with your grandparents, don’t let these words go to waste,” Creson, 26, posted. “If we can do it, anyone can.”

Check out their inspiring journey:

Elazar Abrahams is a former intern at Tablet, and will attend Yeshiva University after a gap year at Netiv Aryeh in Jerusalem.

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